Saving More Than $90,000 in Medical Bills with Hepatitis C Treatment in India Hepatitis C Treatment in India Cost Me Less Than $1000 After two unsuccessful treatments with old generation drugs, I spent years waiting for new antivirals to be discovered. When finally my insurance refused paying for it, overwhelmed with frustration, I tried every possible…

Hepatitis C Treatment in India: Saving More Than $90,000 in Medical Bills
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Living with hepatitis C is difficult enough already. Knowing that fantastic treatments exist but not being able to afford them makes it only worse. While informational sites point out to numerous hepatitis C resources to try and support programs promise wonders, we are going to go through each of these offers in detail and try…

What to Do If You Can’t Afford Hepatitis C Treatment
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New hepatitis C drugs are extremely effective, but their price tags are a jaw-dropper. A three-month treatment course can easily cost $70,000-$100,000. It’s pretty obvious that at this price the vast majority of uninsured patients can’t afford the treatment. What is little known though, is that the situation is hardly better for those covered by…

The Real Cost of Hepatitis C Medications
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People are genuinely curious, however regarding a chronic condition, questions can often times come off as ignorant or insensitive. It’s important to remember especially, that when it comes to your family and friends, they probably mean well. Sometimes it’s just difficult in knowing how to be helpful or knowing what to say. Below we share…

What to Say to a Friend with Hepatitis C
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Hepatitis C Questions That You Always Wanted To Know The Answers To, But Never Dared To Ask Asking your doctor a question is, undoubtedly, the best way to learn about hepatitis C. However, if it is your friend or a family member who is suffering from hepatitis, you might simply not have the opportunity to meet…

Five most common hepatitis C questions
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