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Archer. The German interpretation of the name is heathen. But as far as rare baby boy names go, Irwin and Zed just dont fit my naming style! This is one of the reasons naming our babies can be such a tedious process. Pronounced ad-Dare, It means rich owner of spears and symbolises wealth and fortune. It is Hebrew in its origin. Its also a short form of Zedekiah. Joseph - of Hebrew origin meaning "he will add". First, well go through the top unique baby names and meanings. One of the more unusual trends for the next 12 months is the '4-2-i' formula. He is also a character in the popular video game, Mortal Kombat. Ailean means "rock" in Gaelic. Can be a nickname for Wilfred meaning peace or will. An English or Greek name that referred to someone from Paris, France. English, meaning "flute player". The Latin name means king or regent. The name Dune meansbrown-skinned soldierand is of Scottish origin. Asrar is an Arabic name that means secrets or mysteries. The medieval Danish form of Absalom, which means 'my father is peace' in Hebrew. Rayne is a variation of Raina and Rayna. It means cheerful. The name Munro means man from the River Roe and is of Scottish origin. You might also like: 60 Cute, Unusual Boy Names (that aren't too out there) 53. It means curly-haired. Eli - Means height and is of Hebrew origin. This character is more popularly known in Roman mythology as Cupid. In Japanese, it means, favor or kindness. Penny Rimbaud (Jeremy John Ratter) was co-founder of the band Crass in 1977. Can be short for Xavier. This name refers to the Roman god Jupiter. These rock and roll baby names are sure to bring out the star in your little one. Tiger Woods popularized the name when he became an acclaimed pro golfer. Ace means "number one," which makes sense. This rare name today was common in the Middle Ages. Oberon is the name of the king of faeries in Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream. It might come from a Norse word meaning triangular-shaped hill,. In Hebrew it means down-flowing, and in Greek, farmer. 1. 27. Its of Greek origin. Top 204 Nice Beautiful Baby Boys Names for 2019. The name Kade meansround, lumpyand is of English origin. The Old English meaning of Patton is fighters town. An imperial name meaning the king. It means commander of the valley or tall. Unique Girl Names The Ultimate Uncommon Boys Name List Aarav Abel Abraham Abram Ace Adair Adam Adler Ahmed Aidan Aiden Alaric Albert Albion Aldean Alec Aleric Alfonso Alfredo Alistair Allan Amador Ambrose Amias Amir Amos Andres Andrew Andr Ang Angus Anson Antoine Anton Apollo Arbor Archer Archibald Arden Ari Arian Arlo Armelo Armondo Armstrong Its of Southern French origin and means twice. While the meaning of the original name is unknown, hamlet also means a settlement smaller than a village., This classical English form of Horace means hour, time, or season.. This modern English name is a bit mysterious. It is a cool non-binary name that might have become popular due to the sports car, Aston Martin. 5 unique ways to brainstorm unique baby names that youll like. Anwyll. This is my hope for you as you go through these boy names that are uncommon. Edric is an Old English name that means wealthy ruler. Taggert is another last name turned first name, and means son of the priest., JRR Tolkien invented the name Theoden, King of Rohan for Lord of the Rings. This Middle English distinguished name is associated with bright god, and divinely brilliant. This posh boy name has hardly been used since the 19th century. Short and cute, Cian is Irish for ancient. The name Enzo meansdedicatedand is of Hebrew origin. That way, the probability is higher that you both will find THAT charming NAME youll absolutely fall in love with. Personally, I love Marcelino and Leander. Kian: Ancient. If you are a fan of the TV series by the same name, this can be an interesting choice for you. In Hindu mythology, the Ashwins are the twin gods of sunrise and sunset. The name Hendry means home-ruler, ruler of the estate and is of Scottish origin. Your email address will not be published. 2. Albie An alternative to the baby name "Peter", this very unusual, but strong name means, "rock". Amell: 3. The name of Uncle of Tristan means 'destroyer'. This unusual boy name is of German origin and means always ruler. A name that means new house or bright. Its a very popular name in Irish legends. It means blond ruler or elf ruler. And Candor is one more option to add to the possibilities! This name blends Ace and Mason, making Aceyn a trendy, modern American name. An Old Russian name, derived from Caesar. George Washington Carver, an American agricultural scientist and inventor bore this name. 20. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis also have a daughter named Tallulah, as well as daughters Rumer and Scout. . Rainier means strong counselor, wise army, or warrior according to its German roots. Soft and sweet but full of adventure like your little one will be. Polished and unique, the name Lathan is a perfect alternative to Nathan. Garrick. Besson is derived from a surname. Archie. Is an Old English name, that was originally an English surname. It means brave and helmet. 2022 SheMedia, LLC. Did you know Thorsten means Thors stone? Yeah. And I naively thought the process would be easy. Auberon is the Old French for Aubrey. From rock star names like Hendrix and Presley to cool vintage names like Eloise or Bellamy, you won't . Sullivan: Dark eyes. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a6f7f6935c0e5ba942ee4dcfd9f5812a" );document.getElementById("f56944a928").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A similar Gaelic name to Keir. It is also thought to mean the boy resided near some topographical feature such as a stream, hill, or tree. Ender The name Ender means "very rare" and is of Turkish origin. It is probably of Middle English origin. 2022 All Things Baby NamesContact | Privacy Policy | Term of use, 18 Preppy Boy Names Destined for a Prestigious Future, 10 Unique and Absolutely Adorable Twin Names for Girls, 100 Unique Names for Boys You Wont Hear On The Playground. The English translation of Sinjin is St. John, while the Hebrew interpretation is God is Gracious. Angus: 21. As well as C.S Lewis, The Horse and His Boy. 2. Rock. Strong Unusual Boy Names with Meanings: 1. The name Haines meanshawthornand is of German origin. Apollo is a macho badass name of German origin. 8 . A rare English name that is derived from the name, Colin. An English or Gaelic name that means helper or helpful. Its also commonly used as a surname. So, if you are looking for a godly name for your son that isnt too common, Anselm may be the name for you! Pacey is derived from the Latin word for Easter. This unique name also comes from a last name. The name became more popular when the Harry Potter movies came out because of the actor Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley. Another German name, Klaus, is short for Nicholas. Deakon is a different way of spelling the more popular, Deacon. Aldrian is a rare name of German and English origins. It is thought that the meaning is swamp in Old German, and companion in Arabic. Some spell it Amory. The name Jesse, made famous by American outlaw Jesse James, has Hebrew roots and means "gift". Keir is a Gaelic name meaning dark, black, or dusky. It comes from the Greek goddess Juno, the wife of Jupiter and queen of the heavens. A very long list of musical baby names (for girls, boys, and gender neutral) inspired by songs, famous musicians, musical terms, cool band and album names, and more. Another choicse is to honour your favorite rock star in a more subtle way by using their first name, or by using their surname as a middle name for your child. 5. A French noble surname, which was also religious. It means brightly famous and is the name of a character in the adventures of Tin Tin. It means wolf ruler, power of the wolf, or power of the home. Barrett: 12. Love (Welsh) Though Caradoc as a first name has yet to make the jump to popularity, we think it is a unique name that implies both stability and adventure. John Quincy Adams was the fifth president of the United States. This gender-neutral name is a variant of the more common Dean which means valley. Fewer than 100 boys receive these names each year. Kol is an uncommon name that comes from the old Norse meaning dark. It means stone of Brixi. Amias is a beautiful and uncommon baby boy name that means friend. Kofi Anan served as secretary-general of the United Nations and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001. In Greek mythology, Athena is the name of the daughter of Zeus who was the goddess of wisdom, warfare, handicrafts, mathematics, and courage, among others. Though uncommon in England, its quite popular in Ireland. 41. Ziggy - Ziggy Marley is the son of Bob Marley and winner of eight Grammy Awards. Axle means father of peace. The name Kemp represents fighter or soldier. Is a surname from the township of Tatton. Rudolph is also the name of the red-nosed reindeer whose prominence is only outshined by Santa Claus himself. Cliff can be short for Clifford or Cliffton. Natti has Hebrew and Latin roots, but most agree the meaning of the name is birthday of the Lord. Empress Josphine du Beauharnais was born Marie-Josephe-Rose, but called Josephine by her husband, Napolean Bonaparte. Tristan: Bold, riot. Derived from a surname, Bos means woods or forest. It's genuinely a cool baby boy name that deserves a big come-back! Kru is thought to be a Liberian name originally. Bowie - Inspired by internationally known rock star David Bowie. Pete Shelley was a member of the English punk rock band the Buzzcocks. The heavy meaning of Joby is persecuted. Farron - This unique name is actually unisex, and is used for both boys and girls. Jett - Joan Jett is rock n' Roll. If youre determined to raise a hard worker, the name Miller is up to the challenge. The dictionary defines candor as the quality of being open and honest in expression., In medieval Jewish, Christian, and Islamic tales, Cassiel is an angel. It has become a popular name for African American boys in the United States. There is no extra cost to you if you make a purchase. It is Middle English in its origin. One of the sweetest Arabic names for baby boys, Ejaz means 'astonishment' or 'filled with miracles.'. And, more importantly, agree over. We've used the latest baby name data available for the United States (from 2021) and also the United Kingdom (from 2020) to pick some of the cutest, unique baby boy names out there. I hope youve enjoyed these unique and rare baby boy names! Rhyley is an English name that refers to a meadow or clearing. James - a strong name of Hebrew origin meaning "supplanter". This English name means old and wise ruler. This name might mean speed of God or cover of God., Although everyone has heard of British musician Sir Elton John, its rarely used as a given name. It simply means Tates or Tatas town. Niall Horan, Irish singer/songwriter of the band One Direction brought the name to center stage in 2010. A unique way to honor a grandmother or aunt named Dawn. Is a strong name of Old English origin. A popular name in India that means sun. Just scroll through this list of unique boy names. Sheard comes from an Old English surname that means gap between hills. Read means red so it is clear to see where the red-haired meaning took hold. It most likely originated from an English surname. 61. Xavior has its roots in Basque culture. Its also a decidedly great option for a little dark-haired boy. The Greek name Leander comes from the word Leo, meaning lion. This name is a great lesser-known alternative to names like Leo and Alexander! Here are the top cool rare names for boys, given to less than 100 children last year. Rock stars have some of the best monikers around. Origin : American. Rare in the United States, but popular in France, Eliott is a variation of the more popular surname, Elliott. Crispin is a somewhat weird boy name. Adonis. One person loves Abel, the other does not. Look at these unique black boy names with meanings that can fit your little boy. Stevie - Solo artist and frontman of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks is a well-known rock star. Koby is thought to be a Biblical name used as a nickname for Jacob. It's extremely rarely used, so if you're looking for a unique Biblical name, you can't go wrong with this one. But it was borne by several saints. Gervase is a name with meanings ranging from spear, servant, and with honor. A solid, powerful, insightful name for your little boy, especially if youre into spirituality. Some of the names listed below are alternative spellings of more common names. In Indonesia, it means king or emperor. These unique and very rare baby boy names move way beyond the traditional. The great British writer, Aldous Huxley was a famous bearer of the name. This year, James and William swapped rankings . Well, Beaumont is an aristocratic name from a French surname. And whats more refreshing than coming across an interesting moniker that you wont see everywhere? The floral name was derived from the Latin. Mainly used as a nickname for Jebediah, James, or Joseph. Many Saints were named Anselm including a Pope. While others are rare boy names all on their own- names not commonly used. It is most famously known in Orson Welles, who is thought to be one the most influential filmmakers of all time. Some celebrity baby names are almost too well known to give to your child, such as Suri, Kingston or Shiloh, however there are many cool celebrity baby names that arent quite as popular. Pruitt: Perfect for a baby boy filled with courage, Pruitt means "brave little one." It originates from the Old French name Prewitt. Lyndon is an Old English name meaning linden tree hill. You will hardly find unusual boy names that everybody would like. This Old English name is gotten from a surname. Meaning: The name Besiana means belief, faith and promise and most likely comes from the city of Besiana in Kosovo. 933. Fabian - This boy's name means " bean-grower " and is of Latin origin. , This strong name is an anglicized version of a medieval French name that comes from an Old German word meaning raven.. Adlar. Aahan: Aahan is one of the most popular Hindu baby boy names of 2018. The spelling can be changed to Locklan or Lochlann. A name from Norse culture. Creighton is the name of a place and also a surname. It is short, fun, and filled with realistic steps to help you pick your babys name. This Spanish form of Victor or Victorianus means exactly what you would think- victor or winner. Alphonzo is definitely a weird-spelt boy name that youre sure not to find anywhere! Kevyn is an old Celtic name that represents a boy who is handsome, kind, loved, and beautiful. Cassian is a saints' and Latin clan name, related to Cassius, that is virtually unused and waiting to be discovered. It has also been used for girls, making it a unisex name. From star-inspired names to new life being breathed into old classics, 2023 will have some uniquely named little ones. This wise Gaelic name means counsel. This strong yet unique name certainly makes a statement. The names Icke is thought to mean son of Richard. An honored name of Irish origin meaning little fierce one. Sonny (different spelling) Bono was a popular American singer from the duo Sonny and Cher. Tremaine, with the fun nickname Trey, means stone settlement., This distinguished name means from the hill of wine.. Haines is a last name that sounds fitting enough to be a first name. Spike is from Middle English and means spike or long, heavy nail. W.H. Historians debate over the meaning- it might mean cloud or champion.. The boys name Crew is an English word name. Weve tracked down some of the worlds most unique unheard of but still totally wearable boy names for little guys with grit and tons of spunk. 100 Unique and Trendy Boy Names. 4. Using the last name of your rock star creates a unique name that most people will recognize as a tribute. Tucker: All heart, fabric pleater. The name Darby comes from the town of Derby in England. Freddie - Of American origin and means peaceful ruler. If youre looking for an alternative to names like Logan or Rowan, this could be a unique option with a cheerful meaning. Adair is a rare boy name of English origin. A more updated spelling of the name Jackson, which means son of Jack. Matthias (pronounced ma-tee-as) is a variant of Matthew, and a popular boy's name in several European countries, with probable thanks to its appearance in the New Testament. Its pronounced Kah-LEEN or KAHL-in and means young creature. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The other partner loves Joe and the other doesnt. Orson has Latin roots meaning bear cub. Alternatively, Albie is the short form of the Latin name, Alby, which signifies something from Alba. Not only does this name sound sweet, but it also sounds super cool. Albie is an English masculine name thats a shortened form of Albert. It is a forgotten baby boy name with a strong sound. A name of Old English origin, which means triangular or wedge-shaped piece of land. Made more popular by actor Farley Granger who worked with Alfred Hitchcock. This unique name sounds like a twist on Matthew. This Latin name means evening star. Is a pure name of Welsh origin. St. Wilfrid was a 7th-century bishop and monk. The ancient King of Thomand in Ireland went by the name Lorcan Mac Lachtna. The name Maxton means greatest and is of Latin origin. Many German names sound strong and powerful! This strong yet unique name certainly makes a statement. Biff is a rare English name. It means town by the weir. Another theory is that it derives from the Latin phrase, Jude is an example of a name whose image was turned on its head primarily by one appealing celebrity. Albert means noble and bright. Mums Invited is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This unique name seems to be derived either from Erin (which means peace) or Aaron (meaning exalted). Rudolf, also Rudolph, is a German name meaning wolf. Anthem is a genuine name and sounds pretty catchy too. This name of German origin specifies people from Saxony, who constantly invaded Britain back in the 5th century. Scroll down to see if any of these unusual monikers are the right fit for your new little fella. Castle: The name may not sound 'real' to you, but Castle is a genuine Latin name. Meaning: As unique baby names go this is a variant of the Latin name Benedicta, it means blessed. Cedar is a seriously cool, very unique male name. The name Bodhi meansenlightenment and is of Sanskrit origin. Wystan is a firm Old English name that means battle stone. Origin: Hebrew. Leif A male name of Scandinavian origin, meaning "heir." Related: 50 Gender-Neutral Baby Names. The name Croy means gray and is of Gaelic origin. 58. Campus is a constellation that Ptolemy named. Taniksha (Indian origin) meaning "golden stone". To some, it means peaceful and a good teammate. This name refers to a rye hill and traces its roots back to Old England. The name Kylo has become increasingly popular due to the Star Wars character Kylo Ren. The name Daegan means black-haired and is of Gaelic origin. Then, well learn about cool and strong unusual boy names. This non-binary name is derived from a surname that means son of Emery. I hope this list will help you find the perfect name for your baby boy. Swithun: 27. Delan is the masculine form of Delaney which is English for from the alder grove. Dune is a unique, creative name that fits an adventurous little boy who loves sci-fi. Vere was originally a French name, which was an upper-class surname. Caoimhe. Youre probably used to the name, Beau. Astor is a beautiful Scandinavian name that means thunder god. It means a metal element, which is logical since the element silver is classified as a metal. Rolfe is also the villain everyone loves to hate in the famous musical The Sound of Music. So, if you're looking for a boy named Hiroshi Suzuki, his name would be written as (Hiroshi), which could mean "abundant, large.". Ozzie is as cute as a teddy bear, but its also strong and dignified at the same time. Aadavan: Spread brightness in your son's life by naming him Aadavan, which means 'sun'. Its derived from a surname that is popularly used in Germany, Norway and the United States. Peak Popularity: Jaxx barely made the cut in the top 1,000 boy names in 2018 and reached No. It is pronounced AHN-selm. Drew - A short form of Andrew, is of English origin and means manly. Kaziah is most likely an African name, although a slight variation of the name (Keziah) was the daughter of Job in the Hebrew bible. Its been used as a character in Shakespeares As You Like It. Its a different boy name. Foster. Mitch, a short form of Mitchell, means big or large., Shakespeare used this Old English name for a courier in Hamlet. A name with a retro, English feel, it was once a surname. It can mean a small chirpy person. There is a town and castle called Windsor. This unique English name means ash tree settlement. 884 in 2020. The name Enzo meansrules the homeand is of Italian origin. Diggory is a very unusual name that is probably an Anglicized form of Degar. 2. Wynne means fair, white, or blessed. It is considered a holy name. The House Tyrell also played a prominent part in the hit show Game of Thrones. Rock stars bend the rules, such as the awesome name Stevie, as in the lovely Stevie Nicks. Its a Welsh boy name. Can be spelled Huey, or Hughie, and is a nickname for Hewett or Hugh. Many of these names are easy to spell and pronounce and have a retro feel that has suddenly become cool again. It may come from the Germanic name Adenorde, meaning "ancient north" or "noble north". Philo is Greek in its origin and means friend or loving. The name Ozzie means bear god or Gods power and is of Norse and German origin. This English name means "old friend," and has remained on a steady line of uniqueness. As noted by The Bump, Sterling originated in Britain and means "genuine" or "of high quality" so setting your child up for a genuine and authentic personality, even through just their name, is a good move.When it comes to the originality of Sterling, Oh Baby Names reported that the name has had . Forester (English) #965. Cyril comes from the Greek word for lord. Its another recognizable but uncommon boys name! It is an English/Scottish surname. In English, it is related to Sterling meaning genuine. Though an unusual name for a boy, Alvey sounds cute and cool. It means son of Jens or Jan, and can also be a variation on the name John. Reed: Red-haired. Ace: Because your cool little boy is number one! This strong masculine name means brave boar. Can be used as a nickname for Fitzwilliam, Fitzgerald, or Fitzpatrick. Andrew: 23. Rem is an Old English name short for Remington. The name implies a strong personality. Dass is a cute Hindu boy name that means servant or loving. This sacred name means sanctuary when traced back to its English roots. . This Roman- based name means forest. It used to be very popular in the US until the 1910s but has dwindled and is almost unheard of now! Prince Caspian is one of the characters in the famous C.S Lewis book, The Chronicles of Narnia. It is of French origin. Emric The name Emric means "leader" and is of Teutonic origin. Windsors roots are in Old English, and it is the surname of the British royal family. 54. Malone is an Irish name used to indicate one devoted to St. John. And its a gender-neutral name. 6. It can be a male or female name. Above all, I hope you find the uncommon baby boy name you are looking for! Other ways to spell Cillian are Cillyan, and Killian. The Arabic, Turkish, and Persian name Aziz means powerful, respected, beloved.. These strong, unusual names for boys were given to less than 100 babies last year: The Irish and Scottish name Angus actually means one strength, so its the perfect strong, unusual name for a boy! The name Nixon means son of Nicholas and is of English, Scottish or Irish origin. You may also like: Cairbre, Clifton, Celyn. Mylo has its origins in Latin and English names. Calix is a dapper and unabashedly handsome choice. 4. Lachlan: ( Scottish) This unique nature boy name means "from the fjord-land". It means beautiful mountain. Full of regal strength, Hendry sounds classic and timeless but still unique. All the names on this list were given to 100 or fewer baby boys last year! It can be used for a baby boy or girl. Jed. Originated in Japan. Where Sarah is serious and sweet, Sadie is full of sass and fun. TREND FIVE: 4-2-i. He is better known as Ailean Nan Sop or "Allan o' the Wisp.". Well used in England and Scotland since the fifties, the smooth and sophisticated Graham is catching on here. Jacob - a Biblical name meaning "to follow behind". A variant of Darren, which was made popular by the American actor Darren McGavin. But it still qualifies as cute and unusual! The origin of Krew is thought to be English, where it means group. Daedric is a unique fantasy boy name that means, peoples ruler. It is used to indicate a greedy or gluttonous person. Greek Mythology Boy Names P-Z. Kirby comes from an Old Norse name meaning church settlement.. Terra (Latin origin) meaning "rock". Historical. This Celtic name means white and was inspired by the cliffs of Dover. Eugene - Of English origin and means well-born. Ehsaan. It means home leader or home ruler. 60. Baby boy names with serious swaggerKick butt baby namesCool modern baby names for girls. Which rare baby boy names are just way too out there? Check out some of our favorite vintage names. 21.Pete (English Origin), meaning "rock". Kester is a rare holy Greek or Scottish name meaning carrier of Christ. Piper. Another distinctive name with retro appeal, try Nixon, for some vintage vibes. Actor Keir Dullea starred in 2001: A Space Odyssey. 'These names are constructed with a very specific formula: Four letters, two syllables and . Dax is absolutely a unique baby boy name that you should be considering, as it's quick, sharp, and bold all in one syllable. If youre looking for a Hispanic name with a modern twist, perhaps Cortez is a good choice. Deckard makes me think of the main character in Bladerunner. A name of English origin that refers to the weather, and also abundant blessings from above. Aakesh: Though its meaning seems contradictory for a lawbreaker like Jesse James, your baby boy truly is a gift. This is a Hindi name originating in India. A German name that means divine protection. Liam has held the number one spot for baby boy names since 2017, while Noah, Oliver and Elijah have also been somewhere in the top five positions for the past few years. A moniker with stylish undertones thats smooth and strong. Jed is a rare boy name of Hebrew origin and diminutive of the name Jedediah. Culver. Xavi can be an acceptable nickname. The top baby boy names in the U.S. right now Liam, Noah, Oliver, Elijah and James have been popular for quite some time. Comes from a myth about a large and powerful wolf. Dashiell is a beautiful rare unisex name. A little bit edgy and a little bit preppy, Crew is the perfect boy name for parents who want a mix of both. Phyllo, the same pronunciation, is a type of pastry dough used in many Greek dishes. Thought to have a Hebrew origin, Symon means to hear, listen, or be heard. The name Piers is derived from Peter meaning rock or stone. This name holds some vintage charm with a Scandi vibe while also sounding modern. It is also said to be a variation of Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. Pierce or Piers comes from the name Peter, which means rock. A Gaelic interpretation of the name means valiant. A slightly unique and rare name which means 'one who is kind' or 'one who believes in unity.'. These boy names reached the apex of their popularity in 2016 (USAGE OF 2.6%) and have remained as popular to this day (USAGE 2.5%, 4%), but with names like Keith going out of style.The most trendy names for newborns here are Oliver (#5), Easton (#66), Winston (#402), Callan (#588) and Langston (#685), while Eastin (TOP 10% . In Celtic, it means son of Cadon or battle. Both Elvis' first and last names have been used pretty often for boys, but the name Elvis is definitely the most unique and less heard of. But it sounds like a name on its own, too! Cassian Continued Ambrose Origin: Latin Meaning: "immortal" Description: A favorite of British novelists including Evelyn Waugh and P. G. Wodehouse, Ambrose has an air of blooming well-being and upper-class erudition. For example, the Japanese baby boy name "Akira" could be written as . Auberon is a strong and beautiful name that can be shortened to Aube or spelt Oberon. If you are struggling with how to pick the perfect name for your baby, I found a great article for you. 19. 59. It comes from the Roman word meaning flower.. Ares is a mythology name that has an almost royal quality to it. This rare Latin name means spear. Another is Elisha, a brother to the mega-popular Elijah. Although Juno is typically a female name, it works just fine for boys. Sting Abba Harrison Mac Cherie Broadway Jude Richie Elvis Morrissey Snare Dizzy Ozzy Kiko Kawai (Piano manufacturer) Axl Elton Jangle Seamus Motley Santana Jewel Bam Mona Eddie Gene Cobain Flash The name Stryker means tester and is of German origin. Cory is a great name option if youre not a fan of nicknames! A proud Irish name. Teo is of Spanish origin meaning God or gift from God. Aakav: Aakav is a short and simple name meaning 'form or shape'. And as you might have guessed, they refer to a ford near a cliff, or a town near a cliff. Grab a pen and paper and let us inspire you in finding the perfect unique baby boy name or baby girl name. Kit: Bearing Christ. It means thunder and lightning or Gods spirit. Get ready to get inspired when looking at this list of 100 rock star baby names for both boys and girls. Besiana. It also means noble. Is of German origin. Origin: Albanian Gender: Girl Style: Classic Pronunciation: Be-si-ana. Hewie has a range of interpretations from intellect and mind to heart and spirit. A rare form of Alfonso. It means follower of a nobleman. This strong name is probably of English origin. From Greek mythology, Eryx means boxer. Adalhaidis, from which the name Adelaide is also derived, is composed of the Proto-Germanic elements, While some think Eleanor is a variation of Helen via Ellen, it actually derives from the Provencal name Alinor, of highly-debated meaning. Whatever origin you go with, Albie remains a cute and unusual name for a boy. A classic rock baby name may imbue in your child a love of music. Kofi has its roots in Ghana and means born on a Friday. Arlo. This meaning of this late Roman name is unknown. It means immortal. Great for parents with old souls. It means man of Rome. In Old German, Reynard means powerful advice. The name Anson meansson of Annand is of English origin. A rare old English name that means grace and protection. Ezekiel: 15. Related post: 5 unique ways to brainstorm unique baby names that youll like. Asher: Happy. Rocco is a name that will give your son some flair. Lemoine literally means monk referring to a man who works in a monastery. Feedback is important. Skip is a suitable nickname. Arlo is one of . It is directly related to the name Simon. Percy. And finally, the very rarest boy names listed in bold italics were only given to 10 or fewer children last year! The name Raddix means happy and is thought of as a variation of the Slavic name Radex. The name Franco means Frenchman or free one and is of Italian origin. Eryxwas the son of Poseidon and Aphrodite. Axel can also be spelled Aksel, another unique variation. Axle Whitehead, the Australian Tv host and singer is a famous bearer of this name. The Celtic origin of Oran is light or pale, while the Hebrew origin refers to a pine or ash tree. Lennox - Inspired by singer-songwriter Annie Lennox. It refers to one with divine protection. The name is more familiar because of Lyndon B. Johnson, a former American president. Popular Hindu Boy Names, With Unique Meanings 1. Josephine is the feminine form of Joseph, a name ultimately derived from the Hebrew Yosef, meaning "Jehovah increases." It is also the name of a large mountain near Seattle, Washington. It is said to be of Old English and Old German origins. Redd originated with the Old English word for red. Cree is the name of a native tribe in Canada. It has become more widely known due to the modern American rapper, Post Malone. 62. Apollo. In Jamaican culture, it refers to a girl or boy who is happy, carefree, positive or powerful. Arnold Anthony Amarys Alexander Benedict Benjamen Cassius Christoper Cameron Demetry Darius Dominic Elijah Evander Emelius Finnegan Fernando Gabriel Giovanni Gideon Harrison Hamilton Hunter Isaiah Jeremy Jameson Julian Killian Lorenzo Leonidas Leonardo Luciano Leopold Maximus Malachi Michael Nathaniel Nicholas Prescott Ronaldo Sebastian Solis This is an Old English word meaning victorious ship or brave. Osmond is an exalted name with Scandinavian and English roots. Kawan: 8. Dorsey is a name that carries with it class, distinction, and a hint of sweetness. In the, Dylan was derived of the Welsh components, English variation of French Provencal Alienor, meaning unknown, Diminutive of Margaret or flower name, English. 3. Cherokee is a non-binary name thats from the name of a Native American tribe. Rock star baby names are edgy and cool rocker surnames are particularly hot for baby boys and girls right now. Its also used as a surname. It means indutrious ruler. Caradoc. Today I'm sharing a huge list of 200 unique baby boy names and their meanings. The honest, hard- working Barnes actually comes from a last name referring to someone who lived or worked in a barn. It is of English and Greek origins. Shila (Indian origin) meaning "rock". Checking out Delilah's popularity graph shows that Delilah's use is heading straight for the top. 28. Domenico is the Italian form ofDominic which means of the Lord. 4. The name Bowie means yellow, fair-haired and is of Scottish and Irish origin. Leroy Jethro Gibbs is also the name of the main character on the popular crime show, NCIS. The name Zeno means Zeus or newcomer and is of Greek origin. If youre looking for rugged boy names, this just might be the one! 11. This is a powerful Hebrew name that indicates that the child is Beloved of the Lord. Saint Sebastian was a martyr in the third century, and the name means "from Sebaste," which was a town in modern-day Turkey. This Old German name clearly can mean wolf or wolf-like, but can also mean fierceness and tenacity. 21. Lets not forget Spy Kids director Robert Rodriguez, who gave all his five kids unusual names that all start with the letter R and some are pretty cool (however some may be a bit too out there.) His sons are named Rocket, Racer Maximilliano, Rebel Antonio and Rogue, while his daughter is named Rhiannon. . This name might be a variation of Rowland, or just a simple combination of Ray and land. The name Ares meansbane, ruinand is of Greek origin. 3. This German nickname for Rudolf means famous wolf. English n origin. It means ridge town. An uncommon boy name that probably means old and wise. A name of Scandinavian origin. The name Torben means thunder bear and is of Norse origin. The meaning of the name ranges from youthful, son of Jove, to down-bearded youth. A Scandinavian name. Munro sounds old-fashioned but has a modern ring to it. A title with Irish flair that combines timeless appeal with a quirky sound. We like it because its unique with a ton of personality behind it. Osiris: 28. Cace is a one-syllable moniker that will flow nicely with nearly any middle and last name. Alternate spellings include Kean, Keane, and Kian. Josiah - of Hebrew origin meaning . When spelled Kaiser it also names Arabic, Bangla, and Urdu boys. It is sometimes associated with the occupation of inspecting food and beverages. He married Ruth and became the great grandfather to King David in the Old Testament. Its also the name of a brand of jeep SUVs. It might probably hold the ideal, unique baby boy name you have been searching for! Pronounced "ad-Dare', It means rich owner of spearsand symbolises wealth and fortune. If you want even rarer baby boy names, those in bold were given to 50 or fewer newborns last year. And John Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL officer. Joseph is one of those classic names that is perfect for your little boy. SheKnows is a part of Penske Media Corporation. From Floyd The Barber by Nirvana. For instance, Cortney and Robert Novogratz, the design team who star in their own HGTV show Home by Novogratz, have totally cool and unusual names for their seven kids: Wolfgang, twin girls Bellamy and Tallulah, son Breaker, twin boys Five and Holleder and their youngest son Major. Captain Jack Sparrow is the fictitious pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean. That is to say, if you choose one of these names for your child, theyre unlikely to meet someone else with that name in their lifetime! It has been used as a girl's name on occasion. Jocko is usually a nickname for John, Joseph, Jacob, and other similar names. So if youre looking for something fresh and interesting for your little boy, then Aceyn is a great choice! R ock baby names and what they mean, for rock, stone, with 82 results. The name Calix means handsome, chalice and is of Greek and Latin origin. Sadie started as a nickname for Sarah, but their images couldn't be more disparate. Rhodes British naming meaning "where roses grow." 2. Until I researched this post, I had no idea that Rupert is a German version of Robert. Sonnie is thought to mean son or young boy, or possibly wisdom. This is commonly an English name today, although it has Greek and Latin roots. The name Rocco means rest and is of Italian origin. Sparrow references the small bird in the finch family. The name Emric meansleaderand is of Teutonic origin. 50 Most Weird Boy Names 1. Still, others are last names that are now being used as first names! This stylish name is flying under the radar for now, but there is no guarantee that it will stay that way for long. Its a tiny bit rugged and also super sweet at the same time. A classic American used name that looks adorable on a newborn and ages well. Beau is an adorable baby name thats light and fun but still strong of character. The Sanskrit meaning of this name is little prince or flowing, while in Arabic the significance is gates of heaven. The name Cortez means courteous or polite and is of Spanish and Portuguese origin. In Latin, Vere means truth. The name means goth or happy, which refers to belonging to the German tribe. Ezra - Ezra is of Hebrew origin and means " help ". It is considered a Christian name. However, the characters can have many different meanings, so one name can often be given lots of different translations. Ruby, vibrant red, sassy and sultry, has definitely outshone the other revived vintage gem names, with its sparkling resume of cultural references. Denzell: 10. You must have already thought of the best names but now is the final decision making. Axsel, Aksel, Ax, Axe are some other variants of the name, Axle. Sometimes last names make perfectly modern first names, and Franco hasnt been overdone. Related Posts: Strong, Rustic Boys Names You're Guaranteed to Adore. It also is a variant of Kody. Spear (English) Garrick is a solid choice for a mom wanting to give her little boy an unusual boy name with masculine appeal. Andreas: 5. It is also an English-Scottish surname that means son of Patrick. Royale is an English name meaning regal. Along with Presley and Hendrix, other classic rock baby names in the US Top 1000 include Cecilia, Gloria, Jagger, Jett, Journey, Lennon, Nash, and Valerie. Jax - English origin means "God is gracious". From rock star names like Hendrix and Presley to cool vintage names like Eloise or Bellamy, you wont find any overused or boring names on this list. Brox is a cool and handsome boy name. This enduring name means protector, ruler, or one who defends. The name Otto means wealth, prosperity and is of German origin. Eriq is a cute variant of Eric. It comes from the indigenous people who were skilled as boatmen. It means 'dawn, morning glory'. A rarely used name, thats perfect if you want something with Biblical ties. It has been used as a girls name on occasion. Jack {God is gracious} This old southern male name is the 21st most popular baby boy's name in the U.S. James {one who follows} This is the 6th most popular baby boy's name in the U.S. Jude {praised} Mack {son of} Miles {soldier} This old southern name is the 59th most popular in the U.S. Otis {wealthy} Reagan {little king} Rhett {advice} The name Cace means observant; alert; vigorous and is of Irish origin. Unlike other Greek mythology names like Alexander, Andrew, or Nicholas, Zenon is rarely used and a highly unique choice. It can be used as a nickname for Michael or William. Christmas-Themed Baby Girl Names That Are Merry, Bright &Beautiful, Christmas-Inspired Baby Boy Names That Arent Claus or Jesus, The Best Angelic Names for Your Little Angel (FingersCrossed), Parents Cant Live Without This $20 Non-Evasive & Easy-to-Use Tool For Clearing Their Kids StuffyNoses, Ashlee Simpson Is an IRL Heart-Eye Emoji As She Shares a Rare Photo of Sons Bronx & Ziggy BluHugging, Parents Swear By This $22 Colic-Relieving Pillow That Works LikeMagic, This Board-Certified Psychiatrist & Fathers Viral Video Solved the If Sleepovers Are Allowed Discussion Once & ForAll, Vanessa & Kobe Bryants Daughter Natalia Channels Her Moms Confident & Glowing Look in These NewPhotos. The name carries the meaning riverbank with a windlass. A rock n roll last name, Lennon is a style-winner as well. 18. This name is used to represent someone who is cheerful, playful, and lighthearted like the type of songbird called a lark. Cobie means supplanter. In fact, for a venerable and short one-syllable name, we think it packs a surprising amount of punch, as compared to the related Jean and Joan. Alternate spellings are Ancell, Ansell. Derived from the English, Tyrrell often means stubborn or possibly also thunder ruler. Dunstan is an Old English name that means dark stone. Here is a list of 100 unique and trendy boy names! Cecilia is a feminine form of Cecil, which was derived from a Roman clan name related to the Latin, Lily came into use as a given name as a direct influence of the flower. Denim: No! 60 UNIQUE BABY NAMES NEW (BOYS, GIRLS, UNISEX), 13 Uncommon things Most Mums Forget to Bring in their Hospital Bag, 70+ Names That Mean Home (For Girls And Boys). Here are 200+ unique boy names that no one has in alphabetical order. Did you find your favorite unusual name amongst the boy names above? It is thought that it also refers to the Old German words ice and rule. A dignified Gaelic name thought to mean cloud or possibly champion. Meaning: dispenser of provisions. No matter what, it sounds tough! Its origin extends back to England. Floyd - A name of English origin and means grey. Cyan is a cool but unusual name. Ansel Adams, the famous photographer was a known bearer of this name. Pearce is a solid name derived from Peter meaning rock. The impressive German significance of the name Raine is mighty army. They have a modern sound to them that will instantly help your baby boy or baby girl stand out in a crowd. The name Bence meansto conquer or to winand is of Hungarian origin. If youre looking for a one-of-a-kind name, Barnaby is definitely it! Aziel. Another English name, Algar means elf spear. She was the great patroness-goddess of the city of Athens. Teagan means little poet in its Irish meaning but is possibly derived from the Welsh name Tegan meaning pretty, fair. Wilf originates from Old English. Quillon: 16. Etan: 11. Platt: This name has French . He died on the same day as the assassination of J.F Kennedy, thus his death was completely overshadowed. The name became well-known by the Vesper Martini, the famous drink ordered by James Bond. Eros - Greek. An old English name that means a fern-covered clearing. Its formed from two words meaning God, and power or rule., One of the knights of King Arthurs Round Table, Percival searched for the Holy Grail. Its meaning is wet, damp, or a little more kindly, flowing water. Elliot had a style boost back in the early 1980s via the young hero of the movie, Daisy, fresh, wholesome, and energetic, is one of the flower names that burst back into bloom after a century's hibernation. Drake - Means dragon and is of English origin. Anwyll is a rare name of Welsh origin and it means one who is loved by all. It is originally a surname. Can be a variation of the English name Tyler, which means a roof tiler or doorkeeper of an inn. Three . The name was made famous by the author of The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling. Its a cool alternate form of the Danish name, Diedrick. Shaye or Shea is a Gaelic name that means admirable. This is a name of Old Welsh origin that referred to someone who lived by the sea or was a sea friend. It can also mean near the reeds. If you're looking for a unique baby boy name no one has you are sure to find it here. Unusual Rock and Roll Dog Names Bellamy Danzig (The Misfits) Floyd Dimebag Candy Franz Micki Clef (Musical symbol) Notorious D.O.G (Notorious B.I.G.) Cashton - is a unique boy name you've never heard before, it's an English boy name meaning 'town surrounded by trees' Casper Casper - is a Persian name for boys meaning 'bringer of treasure' Caspian Caspian - has a classic ring to it, this boy name is English and it means 'from the Caspian Sea' Caysen It is a unisex name that lends itself well as a middle name. Boys Ace Ozzy Harrison Lennon Elton Hendrix Elvis Bonham Jett Nikki Darrell Buddy Cooper Roy Orbison Bowie Mick Jagger Axl Ringo Bruce Dylan Lars Hetfield Waylon Jennings Angus Chester Cash It means bright fame., While Spence is usually a short form of Spencer, it works just fine on its own! As an Amazon Associate, Mums Invited earns from qualifying purchases. The French and Dutch name Olivier is usually pronounced AWL-LIV-EE-AY. It means landing place by the alders. In Scottish, it is considered a royal name. Kaizar is a name that appears in many cultures. The name Jabin meansdiscerner, or the wiseand is of Hebrew origin. Ravi Shankar was a famous Indian composer of classical music. Anthem: Yes, you read that right. Roman god Mercurys name means to trade. He shares his name with the first planet in the solar system and the liquid metallic element. The name Beau meansbeautifuland is of French origin. And it resembles ignis, the Latin word for fire. Rolph is a German name meaning wolf counsel. Thought to mean peace and protection. The cool sounding name Griffith means strong prince. Although its pretty rare today, it was a common name for medieval Welsh royalty. Al, Aldis, Aldo, Aldus are great potential nicknames. If you want to find a cool and unusual baby name, avoid most of the names of the top 100 baby name list, including the most popular baby names of the year Jacob and Sophia. musical terms, great band or album names, and good-sounding . However, according to Old English legend, Uther Pendragon means chief dragon, and he was the father of King Arthur. But it does not mean to listen to every other person's opinion. The name Ender meansvery rareand is of Turkish origin. Meaning: An Americanized form of Jackson, meaning "son of Jack". Kobe, Cobee, Coby are other cute ways to spell this name. It means to pierce the valley. It is the Scottish equivalent of the English boy's names Alan and Allan. The fourth most popular boy name in 2010 and 2011 . Oswin has its origins in Old English and means Gods friend. Shakespeare used a variation of the Danish name Amleth for his play. Is of Middle English derivation. Valentine: 17. It means victory of the people.. This name most likely originates from Celtic origins. Celebrities, Milla Jovovich and Paul Anderson named their daughter Dashiel Edan Anderson. Fenry is a rare name possibly thought to be a variation on the name Henry. The actor, Idris Elba has popularised the name in recent times. Kenelm is considered to protect his family. 7. Ansel is a handsome boy name of Old French roots. This masculine form of Sabina comes from the Sabines, an ancient tribe who lived in Italy. A name that is thought to be of English origin. Portuguese male names are highly versatile and the beautiful names below will help inspire a great name choice for your new son. It means dark prince, little dark one, or black. 17. Rudyard is of English origin and has the meaning of red yard or red lawn. Arsenio: 18. Rayne is of Old French origin meaning mighty counsel. Please note that some of this sites links are affiliate links. Winslow Homer, an American landscape painter, is believed by many to be the greatest painter of the 19th century. Emrys is the Welsh form of Ambrose. A baby is truly a miracle in his parents' life, so why not name him after this beautiful thought! Originating from a Scottish town near the river Leith. Nico is one of the great nickname names, full of charm, energy and effortless cool -- a neo Nick. There you have it! It first existed as an English family surname. It means elf, war, battle. This Old German name has a great meaning. Pike A sweet Arabic name meaning kind, compassionate, and forgiving. I would have never guessed that this name comes from the French word cherot, which means wagoneer. I like the soft sh sound combined with the strong last syllable! Percival is of Old French origin. Duke - This is a title of nobility and is of English origin. 32. An Irish name that some believe demonstrates intuition, romance and generosity. To some, Eloise will forever be the imperious little girl making mischief at the Plaza Hotel, while the original version Heloise recalls the beautiful and learned wife of the French philosopher Peter Abelard, admired for her fidelity and piety. Marcelino is a Portuguese and Spanish name that comes from the Roman god Mars. Lucy is the English form of the Roman Lucia, which derives from the Latin word "lux" meaning "light." Along with Layla and Jude, other rock star baby names in the US Top 700 include Cecilia, Hendrix, Jagger, Lennon, Nash, Ruby, Stevie, and Valerie. Peregrine is a Latin name that means wanderer, traveler, or pilgrim. Elliot (which boasts several spellings depending upon how many 'l's or 't's you want to use) is a winner -- it has the ideal quality of being neither too common nor weirdly unique. 85 Strong Baby Boy Names With Powerful Meanings. One fun way to find a rock star name is to take the last name of an iconic rocker, such as naming your son or daughter Hendrix after Jimi Hendrix. Fittingly, it probably means elf ruler., Related post: Ethereal, Fairy, and Celestial Names, and Boy Names that Mean Dream. All have the understood meaning of ocean or large body of water. It is considered to mean warlike. These are unique boy names for those who want something fun, light-hearted, and downright cool. It also refers to a descendant of Conn, Ireland. Valerio: 13. Aled means defender of man, child, river. Romilly was originally a surname from the twin Romulus, the Roman twin. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2022 My Mom's a Nerd | Powered by Astra WordPress Theme, Resources for finding unique and rare baby boy names. Fitz was originally used to mean descendant or son. The name Langley means long woodland clearing. And the CIA is associated with Langley, Virginia, where its headquartered. Davis was born in 1993, when Anthony was the 19th most popular baby boy name. Amadeo, meaning "God's love," is a Latin name and is pretty uncommon in the United States. In such instances, it helps when you have a lot of names to browse through. The name Diem (DEE-EM) means day and is of Latin origin. The name Kai meansseaand is of Hawaiian origin. The following are the trendiest unique names for boys in the United States in 2020: 1. 2. 17. Vala (Welsh origin) meaning "rock". It is considered to be American in origin and means sky or heavenly. It has also gained some popularity as a girls name. An alternative spelling of Idris, which means interpreter in Arabic. 3. This name of Welsh origin means terrible or abhorrent. This short and sweet name is unique and cool for a boy or girl! Pronounced AM-ee-us, its of English origin. Irie has vastly different origins in Jamaica and Japan. The name Lowen means happy and is of Cornish origin. Is also a variation of the Scottish name Lachlan, meaning land of the lakes. And the word barn actually comes from the words meaning barley dwelling., Braddock invokes a strong and sturdy sound. The Bible is full of unusual monikers, like Boaz. Dax is a very uncommon name, with the Social Security Administration reporting that the name only recently broke into the top 1,000 baby boy names in 2007, coming in at No. The most agreed-upon meaning of the name is meadow. A long-forgotten choice that is recently making a resurgence. Barnaby is a cute and unique spin on the name, Barnabas (which means son of prophecy). Caelan means slender. A German-surname that means voter or chooser. Inspired by the rockers themselves, or the subjects of their songs (Jude, Layla, and Roxanne for instance), these names are the most edgy, interesting, or relevant of the rock star choices. The meaning is "immortal", as this name is the Welsh form of the Greek name Ambrose. Its an unusual boy name that can be nicknamed Auggie. Before I had my boys, I knew one thing, I wanted unique boy names for them. Here are some unique baby boy names to inspire you: Axel. Theobald is a strong Old German name meaning one is brave or bold. Therefore, get feedback but still know your choice. Maynard: 4. In Old English Paden means fighters estate. Ethan: 7. Although still a unique name for boys in the United States, Sebastian has been quite popular in Europe for many centuries. The name Darrow means oaktree and is of Scottish origin. Readers Also Love: 12 Outfits to wear during labour. 2022 Nameberry.com.Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Beaumont The rare boy's name Beaumont is French for "beautiful mountain." Candor I love the sound of "virtue names" like Clement, Grace, Hope, Constance and Joy. Tetra images RF / Getty Images July 12, 2022, 6:54 PM UTC / Updated Oct. 18, 2022, 1:22 PM UTC Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important decisions youll make. I didnt count on my husband disagreeing with every single name I liked! It also means land of the Vikings. Your email address will not be published. This Hebrew baby boy name means "strength" and isn't too high on the yearly most popular baby names chart issued by the Social Security Administration. 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