Finding the right contact wasn’t straightforward. After lots of phone calls, discussions with doctors and pharmacists, Ganesh and his Indian friends managed to collect enough info.

‘There’s plenty of people outta here who just want to make a fortune out of other people’s misery. So-called online pharmacies, you know… Black market drugs which are nothing but the chalk in the nice packaging, or worse.’

‘To buy the real thing on the black market, huge bribery must be involved. Fake prescriptions, customs clearance. All of it illegal, of course. So if you find a cheap drug shipped to your door, it’s a fake,’ Ganesh explained.

So, the initial plan to just buy the drug and bring it across the border was dismissed. Ben didn’t want to take a risk and play a Russian roulette with his health. The friends figured that the only way to get the real drug was to go to India, find a competent doctor, get an exam and a real prescription. Then to buy the original drug from the official pharmacy and to pay nothing but its real price for it.

New Hepatitis C Treatment from India – Precious Help
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