In early December the indian generic version of sofosbuvir – ledipasvir called LEDIFOS was finally approved and released for sale in India. At this point, Ganesh had everything settled up for Ben: an appointment booked with the right hepatologist, a lab test booked in the clinic, two rooms in a very decent hotel and even a car with the driver.

Driving in India is a special skill. It will be a pity if you get your medication but die in a car crash,’ joked Ganesh.

On December 18th, Filippo and Ben jumped on a plane to Bangalore. The trip was fast and smooth. Thanks to efficient organization, Ben bought enough LEDIFOS for 12-weeks treatment and was back home for Christmas five days later.

It wasn’t just about going to the pharmacy. It was so much more! Everything was so well organized and efficient. The hotel was up to European standards, really nice. We had great food, saw traditional Indian dancing and enjoyed a treatment in the spa. I was almost feeling spoiled. We just let our friends take care of everything and they guided us all the time, explained the Indian customs and other things. In a good company, we really felt the positive vibe of India.

I am feeling extremely grateful to Ganesh and his friends. For all their help and hospitality, but most importantly, for precious advice. Thing is, they knew the culture and the language. This helped me to avoid all the scam, fraud, massive bribery and other unpleasant surprises.

Ben has already done several weeks of the therapy, and his viral load dropped considerably after first two weeks. He is waiting for the end of the treatment to confirm the final result.

I don’t have much doubts that it will work. Once it starts working, you kind of know it. But even if I am in the unlucky 2% and it doesn’t work for me, at least I tried. I didn’t have to wait five years to find this out, I am taking the real medication and I didn’t have to sell a kidney to save my liver.

New Hepatitis C Treatment in India – The Journey to India
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