Cure Hep C project was born as many great ideas are: we had a problem, and no matter how hard we tried, the answers we were looking for simply were not not there! When we finally found a solution, we said ‘Hey! I bet we aren’t the only ones who need an affordable hepatitis C medication!

Providing people with the affordable healthcare solutions that they deserve is extremely fulfilling. You should see all of the relief our patients experience when they come back with their medication! There’s also no better news then to hear that yet another customer tested negative after the treatment.

Hepatitis C is just one of many problems that we face today. Our dysfunctional society with outrageous prices for medical treatment is something that we deal with every day, something that all of us can relate to.

Since my daughter was born with a heart disease, I realized quickly how crucial it was to provide the best treatment. It’s not fair for patients to realize how unbelievably expensive medications are, and how desperate we can become when we can’t afford something that our loved ones deserve.

– Paolo, Cure Hep C Co-Founder

Why we started

Our journey started about one year ago, when a close family friend discovered that he was hep C positive. Of course, we already heard about hepatitis and how sad and unpleasant it was to be suffering from a chronic liver disease. But it’s only then that we discovered how unfair the healthcare system is once you come down with something like hepatitis C!
First of all, everyone – and sadly, medical staff, too – suspects that you’re a drug user or, at the very least, a person who lives a promiscuous sexual life.
Next point comes from mix of anxiety and embarrassment when dealing with your loved ones. Knowing that you can die from liver problems is a huge burden already- but knowing that you can transmit this disease to your family makes things feel so much worse.
And finally, the worst thing: knowing that hepatitis C treatment exists but not being able to afford it nor to qualify for a free treatment!

Luckily, our experience in international healthcare solutions coupled with a wide network of contacts throughout the world allowed us to craft a solution. Our friend went to India, where the medication is affordable – at least, compared to the U.S. and Europe. He finished his treatment course with Ledifos™ (generic sofosbuvir-ledipasvir) and went back to living his normal life with his family.
But we didn’t. And how could we, knowing how many other people are suffering from hepatitis C? Our friend’s experience just seemed like a perfect a win-win solution for patients and healthcare practitioners. The idea of Cure Hep C was born, and a company called Arimedio – Affordable Remedy – was founded.

Who we are

We are four friends – three guys and a gal, actually – who in the bright era of the oilfield boom used to work together in a very challenging and very diverse environment. None of us are medical doctors, however we’ve recruited the best best Indian hepatologists to help you, starting today.
We are engineers and we are proud of it. Our strength is that we are capable of engineering solutions any problem that comes our way. And in this case, it is about helping people to both treat their hepatitis C AND find an efficient and affordable healthcare solution to do it.

So today we are happy to offer a solution for those who are not taken care of by social security, and for those who don’t want to remain in a waiting list for years and see their lives become more burdensome. It is also for those whose private insurance won’t cover their hepatitis C treatment – or for those who don’t have an insurance at all.

Simply put, our services are for normal, ordinary people, like us – and you – who may discover one day that they have hepatitis C, but who can’t afford paying $90,000 or even $30,000 to get rid of it.

When I was in business school, our entrepreneurship teacher always behaved as if the only real startup was something hi-tech. The rest was not even worth mentioning. Oh, how I hated this guy!

For me, the best business is the one that people need, the creative solution that everyone is looking for. From the very beginning of the humanity we all need medical care like bread and water, but it doesn’t mean that Cure Hep C is not disruptive!

I’m very happy and proud to be helping people to get the treatment that they deserve. My dad and uncle are both medical doctors who used to work in the ER, and unsurprisingly, both caught hepatitis C. I remember the horrible interferon treatment; it’s like having a family member sick with flu, but for one year! It’s very lucky that today we have effective medication, and even luckier when we have a way to get it.

– Kate, Cure Hep C Co-Founder.

Our Company
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