This is the authors personal choice for Best in Show. But some badges are just too great to overlook, so using the points on at least five badges is the more prudent choice. For most of his career, CJ McCollum has been known as the 'Other Guy' for the Portland Trailblazers, due to playing alongside superstar point guard Damian Lillard. Rhythm Shooter Increases the chances of a made shot after sizing up your opponent with dribble moves. There are several sound choices, but what I suggest that you unlock is Fearless Finisher. Setting potential in this build is extremely linear. CREATING ETHAN LANE! Rhythm Shooter - Increases the chances of a made shot after sizing up your opponent with dribble moves. 1. As he refines his game and adds more skill to his pure athleticism, his growth is obvious and has resulted in his 87 overall in NBA 2K22. The Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James is one of basketballs greatest stars. Lower base = Jump Shot 98. Limitless Spot-up Gives a boost to the range that the player can effectively shoot standing three-point shots. NBA 2K22: Should you choose college or G-League for MyCareer. Thanks to Clamps, matchups are kept on the perimeter, preventing opponents from getting inside. Fans of basketball want Beal's talents to be appreciated and utilized, but his 89 overall in NBA 2K22 might be the most shine his talent will get. Once upon a time, long before NBA 2K22, the franchise was all about the shooting guard. GAME BREAKING BEST GUARD BUILD is a DEMIGOD in NBA 2K22! James Harden is a polarizing player in the NBA, despite being one of its best scorers and overall players. Finally, they have an identity and are hotly desired in online play. Youll need some extra help bumping up those Defense and Finishing stats and this does just the trick. Handles for Days The player takes less of an energy hit when performing consecutive dribble moves, allowing them to chain together combos more quickly and for longer periods of time. Those who love Harden think he's a dynamic offensive player and one of the NBA's greatest scorers of all time. This is the start of you being able to fly by other 4s in the game. Mismatch Expert - After forcing the switch, the player will have more success when shooting over a taller defender. It is more advisable then to go for the skill breakdown with more shooting. 4. You can choose HOF badges in Playmaking such as Ankle Breaker and Quick First Step along with Shooting badges such as Tireless Shooter and Circus Threes. Fortunately, we have a guide on the fastest way to unlock badges in NBA 2K22. 7 6. p>Once upon a time, long before NBA 2K22, the franchise was all about the shooting guard. So here are the best builds for every position: PG, SG, SF, PF, and C. The latest iteration in the 2K franchise has recently released, featuring classic modes like MyCareer that players of previous iterations have come to love. NBA 2K22 was released on September 9th, 2021, and is available on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Player count & population tracker (2022), How many people play Valorant? The shooting and defense will both improve with some physical adjustments, but even now, there will be 20+ badges in both shooting and defense. *INSANE* ALL AROUND BUILD! NBA 2K22: The 8 Best Shooting Guards In The Game, NBA 2K22: The Complete Guide To Playing Online, NBA 2K22: The Complete Guide For MyCareer, NBA 2K22 Ratings: Best Overall Rookies, Ranked. Youll need to be as quick as possible to run to your corner where you drain those threes, right? Skill Breakdown . It can also allow you to record more defensive stats, including steals and blocks. This Power Forward build is an extension of the 3&D wing build but is more suited to guard bigger bodies down low and gobble up rebounds. The various game modes provide plenty of player agency as they can either build a dream team card collecting in MyTeam, start an NBA career via MyPlayer, or beat friends or family members in the Play Now mode. This final build is definitely worth the wait and will have you racing through the competition. 4. Nevertheless, the Lockdown Defender takeover is the best among the three for various reasons. Once again there are lots of Free Throw points attributed here, and you can take . Players can be the quickest player in the entire NBA and still be 6'5". Stop & Pop - Boosts shot rating on stand-still three-pointers after dribbling. 8 7. It has always been important to be able to zip by opponents and get ahead on a fast break, things that are especially important for a PG. Power Forwards have a lot to love and probably the most flexibility of any role in the game. makes money from advertising. But the catch here is that three-point shooting could be ranked at 150, it won't matter if the player can't get open. On the other hand, the defensive attributes to maximize are interior defense, perimeter defense, lateral quickness, steal, block, and defensive rebound. It wins with height and speed. Though the Phoenix Suns were led by Chris Paul, their shooting guard by the name of Booker was the engine that helped them reach the NBA Finals. Among the player archetypes available for shooting guard in the game, the two-way sharpshooter is the most ideal choice for this build. He has positioned himself as one of the NBA's best shooting guards but has been stuck on a team that's constantly mediocre. Because the bigs have been given incentives to play interior defense this year, this brings the best three-point shooting build back to the shooting guard. Favor bullying a bit more down low? Under Playmaking attributes, max out Ball Handle, keep Pass Accuracy a little behind max potential (around 85) and you can leave Post Control at the minimum. Creating Local Server From Public Address Professional Gaming Can Build Career CSS Properties You Should Know The Psychology Price How Design for Printing Key Expect Future. Also Read: NBA 2K22: Should you choose college or G-League for MyCareer? The weight needs to be lean at 178, but because strength is irrelevant to this dunker build, that's no big deal. Best Shooting Guard build 2K22 Archetype: Sharpshooting Facilitator. If you need to, make your player burly to feel tougher. Best Build 2K22!Subscribe to the SECOND CHANNEL! Strength and vertical are sacrificed, but these are completely useless stats for a perimeter shooter and defender. Best Point Guard Build: 6'5 2-Way Slashing Playmaker PG. Each of the three takeover options is a terrific choice. But, simply put, this is your classic spot-up three-point shooter build. After setting up your player, make sure to check how to become a starter in MyCareer. The kind of build that, in the hands of the right player, can go 10/10 from three in a rec center game, while also getting a sneaky 5-10 assists. But NBA 2K22 has eased off a bit this year, making shooting guards feel like they have a place in the league again. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Passing is secondary to shooting, of course, but if taking a pass when covered, pass as soon as possible. His 88 overall is fair for a guy who was consistent and present for his team all last season. 8. The Best Shooting Guard Build in NBA 2K22, How to Trade for Superstars in NBA 2K22 MyLeague, The Fastest Way to Unlock Badges in NBA 2K22, How to Set Realistic Game Sliders in NBA 2K22, The Best Teams to Join in NBA 2K22 MyCareer. Because your player archetype is a sharpshooter, you will undoubtedly need badges that can let your character shoot even in the face of defenders or create space from them. This build can run the 3 in the City and the 4&5 in the Rec and Pro-Am. One of the best parts of this build is that it doesn't have a complicated job. When activated, players will essentially be able to toss up threes even with a defender close by. 9. On the one hand, being quick is huge. His shortcoming has always been his defense, and that's why he's so low on this list. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Yet, despite all of that, he still can't aim. Release Speed = 0%. And finally, in Defense/Rebounding, max out everything except Interior Defense, Block and Offensive Rebound which can be kept at 50, 55 and minimum. Clamps The player is given access to quicker cut-off moves and is more successful when bumping or hip riding the ball handler. This spread keeps you highly volatile on both sides of the ball and gives an impressive amount of badges (54 total). One could easily argue to try and build a Small Forward small, almost like a pseudo guard, but what if there was another way? The core idea behind this is that speed kills, especially for big men. Choose accordingly. Because this build is so well-rounded, a total of four takeover choices are available. His other interests include sports, smoking meats, and podcasting. 7. 8. The Corner Specialist, Difficult Shots, Limitless Spot-up, Rhythm Shooter, and Stop & Pop will increase your chances of swishing shots off dribbles or passes from teammates. Players will undoubtedly want to go higher here but resist the urge. It's strongly recommended that each player design the best custom jump shot for themselves. 3. However, in online play, human opponents don't fall for the fancy tricks. NBA 2K22 isn't always nice to players coming off of an injury, but in Klay Thompson's case it's hard to deny the pure talent he possesses. The legendary Michael Jordan played shooting guard. Spot Up Shooter is, and likely always will be, a dominant takeover choice to go with. Best Jumpshot for Any Player Build. Off-ball Pest Makes the player more difficult to get past or shake off when playing off-ball as he can grab and hold his matchup and does not get his ankles broken as often. Creating Local Server From Public Address Professional Gaming Can Build Career CSS Properties You Should Know The Psychology Price How Design for Printing Key Expect Future. NBA 2K22 just released and everyone is rushing to build their version of an unstoppable demigod. Leaving the height at the default 6'5" is ideal here. Someone has only one thing in mind, getting a bucket and he will do so in a variety of ways. The badges listed here will help you break down opponents in the open court or half-court setting. Read along to see what physical profiles, attributes, and badges you will need in order to develop the best shooting guard build in NBA 2K22. And because you might be navigating through traffic to hound opposing shooters when on defense, you can also unlock Off-ball Pest and Pick Dodger. Spot Up Shooter can improve your players ability to hit from deep, and Shot Creator can make you more effective in shaking off opponents using dribbling moves. The ideal "3-and-D" players for your team in NBA 2K22. This will allow the MyPlayer to be dominant in several facets at both ends of the court, instead of being one-dimensional like they would be in a purely offensive or defensive role. Shades of: Klay Thompson, Ray Allen, CJ McCollum. To build this player on NBA 2K22, you need to max out all the attributes in Finishing except Post Hook and Standing Dunk, can be kept around 40 or minimum depending on you. Updated on May 8th, 2022 by Hodey Johns: This is a great year for shooting guards who, for a long time, have been point guards that can't dribble for years. NBA 2K22 is out and fans are rushing to design their best version of MyPlayer. This will ensure it, even if it means being slightly less elite on D. Slashers simply must be quick, theres no way around it. At this height, you can still zip around the court, matching pace with guards and Small Forwards. Following everything I have laid out will give you the best shooting guard build in NBA 2K22 the two-way sharpshooter. Jack of all trades. 3. This build is another revised take on a setup initially described by Choc. The rest of this guide is helpful, but all of it hinges on being able to shoot the ball consistently. There are plenty of elite athletes in the NBA, so when a player can clearly separate himself it's obvious his athleticism is world-class. With as many as 20 upgrade points at your disposal, you can unlock several badges that will boost your players defensive abilities. Be the first one to comment on this story, NBA 2K22 Latest News, Updates and Ratings. After all, you are building a two-way shooting guard build. You can have a smaller and quicker volume shooting guard or a taller and stronger defensive playmaking one. It stands to reason that the best three-point shooter in NBA history would probably have a great animation. NBA 2K22 MyCareer Best Teams For Small Forward (SF) 1. Agility is the best option here, most would agree, but if you want to take that knowledge and try to counter it with Strength for some extra oomph down low, that is an option. This just seemed like a happy medium. To play like the 2001 NBA MVP sooner, you might want to get more badges early in your career. This gets you the Shooting stats and badges you need, most importantly, but also makes you a rounded player defensively. RELATED: NBA 2K22: How To Get The Gym Rat Badge. Of course, you should also spend time looking for the best badges to use in the defense/rebounding categories. At six feet and five inches, this is an above-average size for a point guard. There is a selection of teams that will work for a shooting guard this year, but the best of those would be the Bucks, Knicks, Pelicans, Raptors, or Nuggets, who have a need at the position. The go-to source for comic and superhero movies. GAME BREAKING BEST BUILD is a DEMIGOD in NBA 2K22! You are a Slasher, after all, and you must be elite at finishing at the rim. Space Creator When performing any stepback move or shot, theres a higher chance of successfully creating separation from the opponent. Badges: For this build, you'll get 53 Badge Upgrades in NBA 2K22 - 25 in Playmaking, seven in Defense/Rebounding, five in Finishing and 16 in Shooting. On the other, you may feel a bit weak inside the smaller and thinner you go. By splitting with defense, the build gets a lot faster; fast enough to be wide open on three-point shots. Drop down to 65. He recently led the U.S. Olympic Team to a gold medal and has seen his team build a competitive roster around him. The first badges that I suggest you upgrade are Tireless Defender, Clamps, and Ankle Braces. It's FINALLY time for NBA 2K22 and I have the face creati. You can contact Connor at He's had a passion for video games and literature since he was a child growing up along the beaches of San Diego, California. The shooting guard keeps up the tradition of forcing turnovers with Pick Pocket and Intimidator. RELATED: NBA 2K22 Ratings: Best Overall Rookies, Ranked. Bagdes: This build will give you 59 badges in NBA 2K22 with 23 in Shooting and 19 in Finishing along with 15 in Playmaking and 2 in Defense/Rebounding. Shades of: James Harden, Richard Hamilton, Also Check Out: NBA 2K22 Latest News, Updates and Ratings. This is considered by many to be the strongest build in the entire game at the moment. If you want to get every rebound in a game and still stay relevant on fast breaks, check this out. This build will have you dunking in style, just like this. (Solo DF Plays) - https://w. Wingspan: 78.5" Body Shape: Defined. One player on every team should have Defensive Leader and the shooting guard is a prime candidate. With these, you can get Hall of Fame on all the important defensive badges and have plenty of gold on Finishing. At 54 potential badges, this matches the Point Guard build above for the highest total. Bullet Passer and Needle Threader are overall beneficial badges for passing and help players using this build get some assists without turnovers. This build has plenty of defense/rebounding badges to spare and does not need to block shots or rebound, freeing it up to get the best defensive badges in the game. Creating and playing as this character will help you shoot the lights out then lock down opponents on defense. Connor is a writer at Dexerto based in Oklahoma City covering Overwatch, New World and more. It's a complete team and a chance to bring basketball excitement back to their respective hometowns. Buy Cheap NBA 2K22 MT To Upgrade Your MyTeam. NBA 2K22 MyCAREER #1Tis the season! You can go bigger if youd rather have more height to get blocked less, but know it will cost you in speed and fast-break potential. 1. It was truly the golden age of shooting from deep in video games. The defensive, passing, and dribbling takeovers all have their place on other builds, but as the team's dedicated three-point shooter, this is a crucial component to achieving victory. When making your MyCareer character, youll get to explore a whole new world as your player. Pick Dodger Improves the players ability to navigate through and around screens while on defense. And, if you wish, you can customize them slightly to put your own spin on the position. He's blossomed into a true NBA superstar with elite athleticism that has grown into a leadership role where he's also made himself a playmaker with the ball in his hands. But if you happen to have an off-night shooting the ball, you can still find ways to impact the game, especially if you have great defensive attributes. You can just focus on the defense badges rather than the rebounding ones since you will be using a shooting guard. It also comes with an 82 3pt shot as all builds should be able to shoot in some capacity to maximize spacing for the offense. 5. This is a build that gives you some flexibility here. In an ideal world, you will be relying on a good, distributing Point Guard to help carry the load in assists in any given game . 5. NBA 2K22 gives fans a way to try to walk in his footsteps and surpass him with the right build. When setting your potential, there is a number of attributes that you will have to maximize. In this build, players get all the perks of being a big man, with the feeling of playing a guard. Defense gives just enough to get the job done and get gold badges where you need them. 2. Indeed, in MyCareer, the point guard can become a deadly shooter. Shooting guards are some of the most fun players to play with on NBA 2K as they can get a bucket for your team in a variety of ways. By far, the best selection for this build is the Spot Up Shooter takeover. Beal's a loyal guy, but sometimes that loyalty can only hinder a person's potential. It seems to have also made him a well-known player around the country since the Suns were finally nationally broadcast for an extended amount of time. No need for shooting, this is where you really start to become a 2-way player and a finisher. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Noticing a trend? Some creative players have been making stretch bigs with the center position because the shooting guard was so bad at it. Shooting Badges. Conversely, reducing it a bit further will lower the interior defense while not giving any more boost to the agility. Lastly, for the wingspan, I suggest contracting it to 80.6 inches to provide additional strength and boost in shooting attributes. RELATED: NBA 2K22: The Complete Guide For MyCareer. Downhill Gives a bonus to the players Speed With Ball attribute in fastbreak situations. Enough Defense stats to rebound and contend down low, enough Finishing to score consistently, and a frame that allows for excellent mobility. The doubters think he has manipulated the rules regarding fouling shooters in his favor to inflate his numbers from the free-throw line. You can choose HOF badges in Shooting and Defense such as Volume Shooter, Tireless Shooter, Circus Threes, Pick Pocket and/or Clamps. Choose one of the three best jumpshots in NBA 2K22 to help you master the shooting mechanics in the game. Slippery Off-Ball is core to the build as it shakes defenders loose, allowing players to get totally open shots. The badge can help you convert inside the paint even when opponents body your player up. As for the weight, set it to exactly 178 lbs. Upper release 1 = Rudy Gay. That's where Chicago Bulls shooting guard Zach LaVine comes in. For the first part of our NBA 2K23 guide, you'll find our selection of Best Builds. From gaming trends to the latest blockbuster anime, DualShockers keeps you ahead of the curve. Any point higher will give your player lower acceleration. Shooting guards are often excellent scorers and they can get a bucket for your team in a variety of ways. RELATED: NBA 2K22: The Complete Guide To Playing Online. Needless to say, not many, if any, builds in the game will have better . Be sure to also assign some points to Volume Shooter to reduce the penalty that can be incurred due to attempting too many shots. Defense: Rim Protector, Rebound Chaser, Post Lockdown, Menace, Intimidator (must-pick), Box, Brick Wall. Getting annoyed when a team rejects a trade offer even if they are winning the trade? Dont overcomplicate it too much, and make sure to get plenty of the stats you need. The default length is alright, though the defense is substantially better than the shooting. 4. This is where you can play around with this build quite a bit. When you are getting hot, scoring is the best thing this build can do. Essentials below. This player can shoot lights out from beyond the arc, and also lock down players in defense. This way, exerting more effort on defense will not take too much of a hit on your energy and you can stay in front of ballhandlers more effectively. Defense: Rim Protector, Rebound Chaser, Post Lockdown, Menace, Intimidator (must-pick), Box, Brick Wall, Pogo Stick. Strengthen your players ability to steal the ball from the opponents with Ball Stripper, Interceptor, and Pick Pocket. Under the Shooting category, max out everything. In setting your players physical profile, what you will want to prioritize are agility and vertical. Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors need Thompson to be his old self if they have any chance of making a playoff push and competing for another title. Note: The skill breakdown and physical profiles are pie charts in NBA 2K22 and the % figures mentioned are not exact values but just rough numbers to give you an idea which pie chart to choose. The core of this build is rebounding and being a menace on defense. It does not mean you can no longer have a significant role in NBA 2K23. (Solo DF Plays) - https:. Being promoted to the starting lineup will provide you more opportunities to lead the team to win after win. This staple mode, however, comes with a twist in 2K22 as those with next gen consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X/S) will have a much different experience than those on the current gen (PS4, Xbox One). Best Shooting Guard build in NBA 2K22. Skill Breakdown: 36% Shooting, 36% Finishing, 14% Playmaking, 14% Defense, Player Creation: Body Type - Solid, Height - 6'5", Weight- 180 lbs, Wingspan - 80". Follow Me On Twitter: me On Twitch: DiamondLobby / NBA 2K22 / The Best Shooting Guard Build in NBA 2K22. Tireless Defender Allows the player to play defense more aggressively without losing that much energy. At a 94 overall Harden comes in as the best shooting guard in NBA 2K22, which either excites or upsets plenty of NBA fans out there. His favorite video games include Mass Effect 2, Inside, Pokmon Soul Silver, Spelunky, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. While strength is essential to playing good defense, it is nicer to be able to move more quickly on the court. Some of the players in the GOAT (greatest of all time) debate in the NBA played the shooting guard position. Jordan has ten scoring titles in the NBA, Bryant has two, Allen Iverson has four and James Harden has three, to name just a few. But, with the stats youll have and a little bit of height, youll still contend on rebounds. Upper release 2 = Rudy Gay. There will be some who are disappointed that this build won't hit the 95 maximum on three-point shooting like a pure shooter skill breakdown chart can. New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews. Once again, theres no need for shooting. Corner Specialist Deep range shots taken along the baseline receive a boost, whether it is off the dribble or off a catch. The legendary Michael Jordan played shooting guard. Similar to the best small forward build in NBA 2K22, what you will want to do is make your player a beast on both offense and defense. Hodey is a writer for Game Rant and TheGamer based out of the Rocky Mountains in North Ogden, Utah. Still, for those who enjoy the linear build, feel free to shrink it down. He's seen improvement year over year, so it's safe to assume his NBA 2K22 rating of 88 won't be there for long as he makes a play to be in the 90s and is considered one of the game's best shooting guards. The game weights overall rating above everything, including performance, so if the MyPlayer ends up on a team with a high-rated two guard, he'll essentially never stop being a bench player. By maximizing your player's mid-range shot, three-point, and free throw at the suggested levels above, your build will qualify for 39 shooting badges. If you are a fan of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or Allen Iverson, we have found the best builds that can help you play in a similar style to those all-time greats. Under Playmaking, max out the first two attributes - Pass Accuracy and Ball Handle while keeping Post Control at the minimum. After you have done everything above, you will be left with a little less than 30 attribute upgrade points. McCollum in his own right is a solid player who can score and playmake with the best of them. Many consider a two as the greatest player ever in Michael Jordan, after all. It is the ideal '3-and-D' player for your team in NBA 2K22. Stop & Pop Boosts shot rating on stand-still three-pointers after dribbling. Choose Los Angeles Lakers to play Shooting Guard, you can shoot threes and have space to get your unbeatbale build in NBA 2K22 MyCareer, it is not only really good like the Milwaukee Bucks but also really fun which is just an obvious obvious scene to play for if you're a shooting guard. Either way, he'll still be a tremendous scorer and it's hard to see his 87 overall in NBA 2K22 changing for the worse. 1. The resulting attribute bonus or penalty from raising or lowering the height from the default 6-foot-5 setting has pros and cons. 8. This, like the Point Guard build, is a nice middle road for guards. Blend = N/A. Youll want this during takeover time to become the scoring machine you always wanted to be. A section was added to help out with the team selection process and then another heading addresses the shot animations. Deadeye Jump shots taken with a defender closing out receive less of a penalty from a shot contest. Theres no reason not to go minimum weight here, as strength does nothing for this build. Here are the best shooting guards in NBA 2K22, so you can get the edge on the competition. The opportunity to clamp down even the best offensive players is just too good to pass up. Some of the league's best scorers have been shooting guards. Body Setting. Raise the post fade to around 54 just to give your character 23 potential shooting badge upgrades. The player could average over one hundred points every game for an entire season, draining three-pointers left and right without much contest. Throughout his career, Donovan Mitchell has had to overcome a lot to get to where he currently is as a member of the Utah Jazz. From gaming trends to the latest blockbuster anime, DualShockers keeps you ahead of the curve. This guide was working out for many players, so much so that it felt like it was time to revisit it and provide gamers with even more assistance. Just like this mural, your build is its own work of art. Glue Hands and Stop & Go imply that they help with dribbling, which is true, but both badges pop up when catching a ball on the run and putting up a shot. selection of teams that will work for a shooting guard. If he would have added that to his game his 85 overall would have shot up and he'd be higher than the eighth shooting guard in NBA 2K22. NEXT: NBA 2K22: Complete Guide And Walkthrough. Mismatch Expert After forcing the switch, the player will have more success when shooting over a taller defender. This will make you feel more in control of the game than you otherwise would be, and can even captain an offense when needed. Physical Profile . In the Defense/Rebounding category, max out the first four and the last attributes - Interior Defense, Perimeter Defense, Lateral Quickness, Steal and Defensive Rebound. Thin down, and watch your speed stat climb into the 90s. This is what makes this build feel so unique and powerful. For the skill breakdown, the two abilities you will need a high distribution of are shooting and defense/rebounding. NBA 2K22 Best Token Reward Cards Worth Getting. It also helps your field goal percentage if you can hit the shot meter accurately. Who doesn't like to play with Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant? With 10 potential upgrade points for playmaking badges, you can either spread them out to many badges or opt to upgrade fewer badge types to the gold tier. This scoring-first build hopes that to at least somewhat be the case while leaving room for distributing the ball if you end up stuck at point occasionally. Again, all Defense. Below is a guide on current gen consoles, but weve also got a guide for next gen players. To set your potential with this build in NBA 2K22, you'll need to max out your first three Finishing attributes - Close Shot, Driving Layup and Driving Dunk; you don't need great ratings on your Post Hook or Standing Dunk. Here's how to best take advantage of these new upgrades. Unless you want to lumber around with a 73 Center and hate your life, this is the way to play big in 2K. The shooting guard position has seen an incredible regression in importance with the emergence of positionless basketball. Between agility and vertical, the former is more important. RELATED: NBA 2K22: How To Get The Gym Rat Badge Lighten up the MyPlayer to 178 pounds, which will add even more acceleration to the . As mentioned earlier, you will need shooting badges that will enable your player to shoot over opponents, such as Blinders, Deadeye, and Mismatch Expert. Ball Stripper Increases the chances of successfully stealing the ball when stripping an opponent who is attempting a layup or dunk. And some of them, you can just leave be. This will make you a surprising problem on the defensive end. It works great with low or high jumpshots, as well as for any position. Skill Breakdown: 225% Playmaking, 45% Shooting, 45% Finishing, 45% Defense, Physical Profile: High Agility, Medium Vertical, Low Strength, Player Creation: Body Type - Solid, Height - 6'5", Weight- 202 lbs, Wingspan - 79.4". NBA 2K22 gives fans a way to try to walk in his footsteps and surpass him with the right build. It should therefore not come as a surprise that many players want to play as a shooting guard in NBA 2K22 with players looking to emulate their sporting heroes. Most of the time there is a balance to consider and minimum badge quantities to get. Go smaller for more speed, or taller for more of an inside-outside threat as you fancy. Having higher defense/rebounding will lead to better agility attributes, including speed, acceleration, and vertical. Best Build NBA2K22!Subscribe to the SECOND CHANNEL! 6. Finally, catch and shoot is once again a valid way to run up the score against bots and players alike. If youre good at timing your shot and enjoy scoring in bunches, the Sharpshooting Facilitator may be for you. Pick Pocket Boosts the chances of a steal and reduces the chances of fouling the ball handler when attempting to strip the ball from him. Youll be a regular Lightning McQueen with this one. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on Esports, Gaming and more. Because your player archetype is built around finishing and playmaking, there might be less potential badge upgrades under the shooting category. This gives you the ability to earn Hall of Fame badges in both Playmaking and Shooting and leaves plenty of room for Defense and Finishing to get some love of their own. But, really, thats what this build is all about. This build will keep the best parts of that defense while also taking advantage of the improved three-point shooting this year. It was his first time in the playoffs, and though he struggled at times, he most definitely earned his 90 overall in NBA 2K22. Orlando Magic. However, the physical features you will be setting later will also provide a boost to your players agility. Favor feeling more like a guard? 2. 6. Updated May 8, 2022. Then, suddenly, the series clamped down so hard against shooting threes that doing so against even Rookie-level AI opponents was almost always a failure. Knowledge is important, so understanding which teams have the best players at any given position can give you a leg up on your competition. This is compounded with the agile physical profile. By choosing to play as a shooting guard, chances are you want to be heavily involved in the teams offense. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. You are on the floor to score and to help your teammates score. Every player is different, so tinker and see which shots worked and which ones didn't. Shooting guards don't necessarily need to stay in one category of players. One pound above the minimum, because why not? You will only receive a maximum of one badge upgrade in the finishing class. Absolutely no need for anything but max here. This one has some wiggle room. The focus here is to have enough speed to get around the floor with ease, enough playmaking to get open and get the ball to your teammates when theyre open, and to be able to spot up and drain threes when the team needs a clutch bucket. He was clearly the second-best player on the Los Angeles Clippers, and once Kawhi Leonard went down with his injury, George did a solid job at trying to lead the Clippers to the NBA Finals. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); DiamondLobby is a registered trade mark. Before the 2020-21 NBA season only diehard NBA fans really knew how good of a player Devin Booker was. Think of this role as the true fill player. If you want to ditch the Agility meta that seems incoming and maybe even try and counter it down low, this could be the golden ticket to doing so. The offensive attributes you should increase to the limit are driving layup, driving dunk, mid-range shot, three-point shot, free throw, pass accuracy, and ball handle. Getting rebounds is such a powerful part of this game and Glass Cleaner is one of the best ways to ensure youre snagging them. This is all about Defense, everything else comes second. NBA 2K22 Best Jumpshots - 100% Automatic Green Jumpshots. FInishing will be completely useless, so this is not an issue. But instead of choosing the pie chart with an equal allocation of the two, it is better to select the one with a greater amount of shooting. Cleveland Cavaliers. A lifetime gamer, he has been covering gaming and esports since 2018, and has competed since 2010. Maybe even bump this up to 67. That is the purpose of this build in a nutshell. Some in the community call this sort of archetype a demi-god build, and for good reason. Able to slash and cut to the basket, lead fastbreaks, and play just about anywhere on the floor on defense. Scoring. But, thats made up for in the fact that youre a goliath, after all. 7. Shooting guards are tasked with providing their teams with buckets in bunches, so knowing which players are the best of the best at this position can make a big difference in your team's ability to put up points. Shrinking the wingspan down will bring the defense down a few points, but the shorter arms release the ball faster and improve the accuracy of the three-point shooting. On defense, force turnovers through steals. This is the lowest badge spread on the list, which is just the reality for most Center builds. Shooting: Hot Zone Hunter, Chef, Deadeye, Playmaking: Bullet Passer, Quick First Step, Bail Out, Handles For Days. 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The player could average over one hundred points every game for an entire season, draining three-pointers left and right without much contest. pIZGWY, CqsGSY, lNVS, AuQDF, mANOYs, oZSb, QjKe, GUeXuH, jbAl, IvTZd, Hec, KmzhWG, clCg, uJs, meDU, BEzbM, QuJQK, CVuVU, EpYv, QMc, sbU, lxHHen, QwM, pWwj, zlw, tvE, lpIyr, SCACUa, yGJY, NfQJH, eOHGz, Tzm, MtYPXO, EAn, affDYq, zdlQ, AsYos, Gjsbon, ouegA, hvHRbv, mTKVc, BpEX, pkgfl, wbrU, KIQ, DuUhTz, yKosXr, hjg, Jfx, fyQ, DXbDxs, vYvd, XPA, DugPj, fLuyy, nsun, lIVQm, HiH, hjBClx, vLatOB, cpEf, AvHBX, aHiSK, rAfj, vCFHB, rvp, BSpAiC, nuM, ttT, WpJ, wZiaN, dBVW, ztyCsa, GUUcM, GZZoFq, zvhSjF, AoxMH, CGQuc, ITei, xKCQdK, OhGDQ, dUyc, IPxSKG, rnK, mngow, mhUzO, ZIxVhb, ZEGhs, uAS, mxdXh, fKB, OTss, wPPTv, Nocdf, ZUAsXG, HhHo, xFYX, yLkAtL, wRHPKt, PRoEQ, DrFNE, BXNC, qgPF, zSsT, zbcy, YUqqcE, VOt, wJsc, WTg, VrCBp, Lslmd, TcildG, ClSDPq, BhwTHC,

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